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soccer training

Most of our training is done in a small group-time spent with the ball is most important. Building confidence while under pressure helps each athlete to improve at a faster rate, progressing them to their goals quicker.

Though we utilize an individualized approach, in a small group players are encouraged not only by us as coaches, but by each other. In a group setting, we’re able to create competition in a supportive environment.

We break our sessions down into technical, tactical and then game-application. With this approach, we are able to create the picture and learn how to execute at game speed. 

  • 10 Pack - GROUP SESSIONS

    • Small Group Training

    • Small Group Training
  • Single - GROUP SESSION



    How long is each session?

    We generally train anywhere between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. We always start with a dynamic warm-up and then move into the session from there.

    How many athletes are in each session?

    We allow up to 1o athletes, though most sessions range between 3 and 8 per group.

    Can my kid benefit from group and private sessions in the same week?

    Yes! We are able to spend more time on the individual needs in a private and apply it in a group session. We believe working in groups is the best and most effective way to gain confidence and learn from their peers.

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