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Megan Jesolva


Megan played for the well-known club, Slammers FC since she was 10 years old and won multiple National Championships, Surf Cup championships, and league titles. Along with her decorated club career, she has represented the USYNT from age 15 through 23 traveling to international and domestic team camps. Receiving a full ride to UC Berkeley, Megan was recruited by many top Division 1 schools across the country. Her sessions offer competitive drive, technical development, and attention to detail in each session.

Brayan Cano

Brayan was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia where soccer is a lifestyle. He grew up watching his hometown team, Athletico Nacional and studying the game from top world players like Zidane and Ronaldinho. Brayan started his coaching career in New York City and has been coaching all ages over the past 10 years. Bringing his talents to Southern California in 2019, Brayan teaches the game from a student’s mindset, pushing the athletes to use their soccer IQ through decision making and vision.



Most of our training is done in a small group. Time spent with the ball is most important. Building confidence while under pressure helps each athlete to improve at a faster rate, progressing them to their goals quicker. Though we utilize an individualized approach, in a small group players are encouraged not only by us as coaches, but by each other. In a group setting, we’re able to create competition in a supportive environment. We break our session down into technical, tactical and then game-application. With this approach, we are able to create the picture and learn how to execute at game speed. 



Promoting the importance of attention to detail, staying engaged and competing is the core focus. Hard work can often be as valuable as 'natural' athletic talent. We believe that talent without hard work isn't enough to be successful long term. Every athlete experiences losses several times in their careers; we strive to remind our athletes to discipline themselves by not dwelling on the loss, missed opportunity or shot, but instead learning from it to improve their performance and build their character for next time. 



In our experience, successful athletes know how to set both short-term and long-term goals. Our program teaches athletes how to set goals, learn new skills, improve specific techniques, and focus their efforts in accomplishing these. We are here to provide the tools to be successful on and off of the field so that each athlete can reach their full potential. 




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